Dear Student-Who-Didn't-Make-It-To-IIT, This might seem like the end of the world for you, but trust me, we're just getting started. Hold on there, because life is much more than cracking that exam.

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I have been there. I have stood where you're standing.After the JEE scores were announced.Outside the IIT gate, just like you, wishing I was on the other side, inside the campus,I've been through exactly what you're going through right now.

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But hey, hold on.Was this really your dream, or just your parents'?Are you feeling bad it didn't work out, or just sad about disappointing them? This is probably just life's way of telling you to follow your passion instead of being a part of the crowd.

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A crore per annum will always be the dream, but that's not the only one.This isn't the end of the road,So don't bother about what the neighbours or relatives say, Because chances are that none of their three generations have studied at the institute either. And of course, IIT is just a stepping stone. Look around, for there are other equally good colleges waiting for you.

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And if you have the passion to make it big, IIT is just another name. But if you really are passionate about going to IIT, work hard and don't hesitate in giving it another shot!And if not, go do whatever the hell you want to.Because the world is your canvas, and remember that broken crayons colour too!

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And now that you're here, Look around you, there is plenty more to life,And broken crayons or brand new ones,It all boils down to what you want to draw.

Keep the faith and come back stronger. You're just getting warmed up to life. This is just the beginning!



Someone-Just-Like You-Who-Didn't-Make-It-To-IIT-Either