For “Chatoras” or Food addicts, phrases like “finger licking good!” aren’t just a bunch of empty words. They’re a way of life. Chatoras aren’t just people who love chaats or street food, but people who can’t resist taking a bite of anything edible that is placed in front of them.

Chatora: noun. A person who loves to eat and drink, with a special fondness for spicy and tangy food.

Here are some very evident signs that you are an honest to goodness “Chatora.”

1. You have this weird habit of not only binging on the final dish, but also tasting the batter or chutney while the dish is being prepared.

2. You’re the guy/girl with the golden palate. You’re called to action every time when it comes to check ‘mirch masala’ in dishes.

“Zara chakh ke batana namak theek hai?”

3. And you use it to your advantage by tasting the dish again & again in the name of ‘checking.’ Or shall we say, ‘chakkhing.’

‘Ek chamach kheer aur dena, you know, for testing…’

4. You don’t differentiate between cooked, half-cooked or uncooked food. It’s all awesome.

A cooked ‘maggi’ is as yummy as the raw one!

5. People can always find bottles of Hajmola or packets of Aam Paapad, Imli, Ram Ladoo on your office desk.

6. You are a pro at finding food joints & chaat corners which no one else has a clue about.

7. You have this ‘I-can’t-help-it’ problem of putting your fingers in every dish and from everyone’s plate.

“Can I take a bite from your plate? I hope you don’t mind?”

8. You truly believe that food tastes best when eaten with your own two hands.

9. For you, having Kurkure & Crax is all about eating the masala , licking your fingers & then diving into the empty packet for the leftovers.


10. There are no left-overs on your plate. Ever.


11. Whenever you go to a shaadi, your plate has small quantities of every dish.


Because according to you, it’s disrespectful to not taste every dish.

So you taste everything and then go full Gordon Ramsay, reviewing & commenting on everything you had.

12. Whenever they go out with you, people take your opinion on what to eat.

13. Your friends have lost big bucks whenever they had a bet with you on gol gappa competitions!

14. You make sure that you pick a few extra sachets of ‘ digestive saunf ’ every time you visit a restaurant.


15. People aren’t surprised to find out that you are called Golu or Ladoo at home.

16. Your friends have often heard you saying, ‘ Yaar aj kuch acha khaate hain!’, ‘Let’s eat out today.’


17. You don’t mind treating your friends just to satiate you hunger. ‘Tune Nathu ke bhature khayen hain? No. Wait, I’ll treat you.’

18. You can have raw rock salt (kaala namak) when you feel bored at work!

19. Your friends blackmail you with 100s of awkward photos of you ‘licking your fingers.’

20. After every meal you’re like, “Yaar, kuch chatpata khaane ka mann kar raha hai!” And then you reach for anything tangy in your vicinity.

21. There’s just one thing. You’re not that big on sharing.

Shine on magnificent chatoras, shine on!

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