We all go through that phase in life when we want to lose weight desperately and take the route we feel is the easiest. I say phase, because we give it up as easily as we take it up. We end up giving up, mostly, because we find that it yields no result. Because, we hardly eat anything and have given up breakfast as well, then it must lead up to some weight loss, right? Wrong. These are only a few of the grave dieting mistakes that we make.

Sure, you will lose a few kilos initially but these mistakes harm your body more than it help. Dieting does not mean you starve yourself.

Here are a few dieting mistakes we easily make.

1. Staying away from carbs

Carbohydrates curb your hunger pangs, so, eliminating carbs from your diet altogether can make you feel more hungry. As a result, you will end up eating more than your body usually requires.

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2. Eating too much of nuts and fruits

Having too much of ‘healthy food’ like nuts and fruits might not actually be so healthy. Many nuts and fruits contain high sugar and/or fat content. So while you are consuming them thinking it will help you lose weight, it adds more to body.

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3. Having excess protein

Yes, protein helps build muscles but when you have it in excess amount, it gets stored in the body as fat. Having protein in controlled doses is the key.

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4. Replacing food with protein bars

‘Fake’ food like proteins bars are convenient, yes, but they do not really satisfy hunger. They also contain a high amount of sugar and corn and are just a great load of processed stuff.


5. Skipping breakfast

This is one thing that everyone tends to do. Skipping or heaving only liquid for breakfast is harmful in the long run. Breakfast must contain three elements – carbs, fibre and sugar. The ideal breakfast looks something like this – toast, egg and a bowl of fruits. If you are a vegetarian, you can replace eggs with cottage cheese, spinach or mushrooms.

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6. Being a night owl

Are Tumblr posts keeping you up till late? It is also adding to your weight woes. If you are getting less than five or six hours of sleep, your metabolism tends to slow down and cause hormonal changes. Also, if you remain tired (sleep deprivation), you tend to eat more.

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7. Going for the salad every time

Contrary to popular belief, going for the salad always might not be the best option. Salads might not contain enough carbohydrates. So, instead, a healthy soup and sandwich or tossing a serving of brown rice and lentils is more beneficial.

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8. Having dinner way too early

Consider this: you have your dinner at 8 pm but you stay awake till 2 am. Your body will demand more fuel if it has to keep on going for so long. Having an early dinner makes sense only if you go to sleep early. If not, then it is a good idea to have 70% of your food early and leave 30% for dinner.


9. Not snacking

Snack here does not mean fries and chips. But keep eating something healthy like sprouts every three to four hours. And eat in small quantities. Eating frequently keeps your metabolism at its peak.

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10. Not having enough water because you’re having too much juice

There is no replacement for water. Even juices are not good enough. Moreover, water helps you manage your diet. Drinking two glasses of water can reduce your intake by 90 calories.

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11. Substituting food with beverages

No amount of juices can curb your hunger. Juices, sodas, tea, coffee, skimmed milk can never be a substitute for food. Worse, it might make you gain weight. These impact only the thirst and never the hunger.

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12. Ordering larger servings of low-fat food

People tend to take larger servings of low-fat food. But food that claim to be low-fat might not be so. Even if it is non-fat, it might mean more calories. A good way is to have a low-calorie salad before lunch or dinner, which reduces the appetite.


Now that we have got the basics out of the way, we must start our dieting regime from next month!