Navratri is on, and pujo is coming. The preparations are in full bloom and there’s a lot of planning to be done before the days of fun begin. Shops are running out of their latest trends catering to the needs of the buyers. After all, who doesn’t want to look fabulous during the festive season? But is your attire enough to be a head turner at the biggest event of the year? Probably not.

So here are 15 DIY beauty tricks for a total makeover that will make you look like a goddess.

Lets start with the hair

Bored with plain and simple straight hair and regular bangs? Here are a few new things that you can try this year.

The top knot

Neat and simple, the top knot is easy to do and looks super cute. It goes really well with western wear, and adds the subtle retro feel when you go desi . Follow these simple tricks and get this awesome look!

No heat curls

Why burn your beautiful locks and spend shit loads to get the perfect curls for pujo? Just do-it-yourself with a sock! Take all the spare socks at home and roll your towel dried hair into it in portions. It might look funny, but you just got to sleep on it. Wake up, and viola! All eyes on you at the pandals .

Flat iron braids to get great waves

Straight or curly? Neither works for you? Try the beach waves! Just section you hair into 4 or 5 parts (depending on your volume), braid them and run your flat iron over them. Win!

Chalk out your highlights!

Want to get cool quirky highlights but just for the festivities? Use chalk! Just dampen the parts of your hair you want highlighted and rub your coloured chalk over it. And that’s it! You could use dry pastels too.

Get that extra volume pony tail

Pull the top half of your hair up into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Then, secure the remaining hair into a ponytail just below the first one. You’ll not only achieve instant volume, but also an illusion of length! No-nonsense and easy to manage, a great look for one of those days when you’re going pandal hopping.

The make up

A little bit of make-up can change your persona! But make sure it’s not so much that you sweat it out. With all that pujo humidity, keep minimal make-up on to look perfect all day. Here are a few tricks you could use to get that right pujo look.

Get fuller lips

Get fuller lips by just shading the centre with a lighter shade and check out the difference.

The easy smudgy look

The right smudge adds to your beautiful eyes and makes them so much more prettier. Just heat your kohl before applying and let your eyes do the talking!

Flickr I wonderfuldiy

Use a white liner as eye-shadow primer

Yes it’s sweaty in the pandals , and too much make-up might just wear off. So instead of dabbing tons of eye colour to make sure it shows, just use a white eye-liner as primer before applying the shadow. It will make your eyes pop. And whats more? It’s going to stay all day!

The number 3 contouring trick

It looks great and contouring can be as simple as drawing a number 3 pattern on your face! Shape up with a little touch of the contour, and cover up with some face power to appease the weather.

Carry your little DIY make up kit

With all that running around and excitement, you need to keep some touch ups handy to look like a goddess all day. So this can be your ultimate hack to look like perfection. Get hold of an empty contact lense case and use one side for lip gloss and the other for liquid concealer. Carry an extra kohl and what else do you need? It’s like a quick take along parlour that fits in your clutch!

And finally, the nails

With your hair and make up all set, you’re almost ready to go. But pujo is about perfection, and these simple DIY tricks will give you a perfect salon like manicure in under 10 minutes! So why not have hands that stand out?

French doesn’t have to be perfect

Do the french manicure at home, and if its not perfect you don’t have to go through the frustration of doing it all over again. Just get a glitter pen and cover up the uneven areas. Far from looking untidy, it gives an edge to your hands that make everyone notice those pretty nails.

Do it the Band – aid way

Want to go colourful and retro this pujo? Try using the band-aid trick. Just paint your nails and let them dry. Stick on the porous part of the band aid and colour over. Check it out! Perfect polka dots relly take less than 5 minutes to do!

Flickr: wonderfuldiy

Scotch tape is your friend

If you are the quirky kind and a fan of geometric designs, then get them on your nails! Apply a base coat with a colour of your choice and put strips of scotch tape in random designs. You have the perfect geometric design to attract attention to those pretty fingernails!

Lace ’em up

As complicated as it looks, it’s probably one of the easiest to get right! Get some old lace lying around, place it on your nails and paint, and viola! You’ve got complicated, intrinsic and beautiful goddess looking nails in no time!

Use loofah for a snakeskin print

Subtle, yet sensuous, this style never runs out of fashion. Just use a part of loofah over your nails and that’s just about the trick for those fantastic nails. Looks awesome with traditional wear and adds that extra oomph to your personality.

Make sure you look as ravishing as the goddess herself! Happy pujo!