This is something we tell ourselves a lot of times. As adults, we want everyone to take us seriously, and so we think twice before doing anything, so as to not look stupid to others. But the truth is that each of us is a child at heart. There are many simple, childish things that bring us immense joy. We don’t know why, but it does. But we keep these childish instincts under the wraps, so as to not embarrass ourselves in front of others. After all, we are adults.Here are some of these silly little things that we all wish we could do, but are too embarrassed to do due to the fact that we are adults.

Stop being immature. Behave like a grown-up.

1. Lick that masala off the plate of Maggi

As kids we were always in the dilemma whether to use our fingers or our tongue to lick the plate clean. So, then why do we let adulthood to set in and the masala to be thrown away?


2. Make that loud “slurping” sound while drinking something

Kids love to slurp on juices and fizzy drinks. But as we becomes adults, it seems to impolite to try to get to those last drops. Goodbye, last drops of ecstasy.


3. Climb trees

We all remember the bliss of climbing trees and peering down like monkeys. But, now that we have turned into adults, we just wistfully look at those climbable branches and move on.


4. Watch cartoons

On the surface, we may disagree with this till we are blue in the face, but every adult has a  90s cartoon video link hidden somewhere in their YouTube history.

5. Lick lollipops

Those large, spiral lollipops tickle all hearts and make every mouth water. So, even  though our mouth may be drooling like a water tap, we would still never be caught dead licking one.


6. Collect bubble-gum stickers and tattoos and use them too

Every adult has flaunted these in their childhood, but now no one would even talk of these. When did we ever grow up?


7. Read Chacha Chaudhary and Tinkle comics

C’mon! We all grew up with Chacha Chaudhary, Champak, Nandan, Tinkle and the rest. Now, every one of us hides them under our beds or our stocks of old CDs.


8. Ask for a favorite toy with Happy Meal

As a child, all of us had a collection Happy Meal toys and other freebies. Every child needs toys. Even the one that that still lies hiding in your heart.

9. Copy the steps of a favorite 90s song

We all went crazy back in the days when ‘Tu cheez badi hai mast mast’ aired. But now that we have grown up, those steps are no more our thing.

10. Cry in public

‘What? I wasn’t crying!’ We always refrain from any kind of waterworks and even if that unwanted tear is shed, it is always blamed on ‘something got in my eye’.

11. Actually “enjoy” a trip to an amusement park

We love the thrill of the air whooshing through our hair. But as soon as we see all the kids shouting on the swings, we carefully walk away from the swing sets.


12. Sleep with parents when scared

No matter how old we get, we will always have nightmares. We may crave for all the comfort from our parent’s hug but we feel too uncomfortable to hop into their bed.

13. Eat melted chocolate

We all see the advertisements where people eat chocolate with both hands and never feel embarrassed about it. But we can never imagine doing that ourselves.


14. Fight over the cherry on top of cakes and pastries

We all remember the times when we fought over the solitary, shiny, juicy, red cherry on top of every birthday cake or pastry. But now that we can afford all the cherries we want, we stopped fighting for those little things.


Be it a swing or a plate of Maggi, we all need to let our inner child out and enjoy the little pleasures of life. So go on, and embarrass yourself once in a while. After all, it is the small pleasures in life that really count.