I couldn’t agree more. But when it comes to figuring out the wrong, most often we’re clueless about what’s damaging us. We go on this never-ending, exhausting chase behind all the things we ideally should bid farewell to at the earliest. In other words, we basically go through SHIT!

“When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you.” – Maria Robinson

You don’t want to be in the poop now, do you? Here are 18 things you really shouldn’t put up with. REALLY. STOP. NOW.

1. Wrong people

A rotten mango can ruin the entire basket. Figure out the rotten ones in your life.

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2. Lies

Both, the ones we tell and the ones we receive. Neither should be acceptable.

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3. Unfulfilled dreams

I didn’t want to quote this but it’s a fact: “You only live once!” Don’t waste it on things you don’t like.

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4. Unresolved problems

It’ll chase you like a terrible OCD until you finally give up and die. Not a pleasant picture, my friend!

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5. Social stigmas that unnecessarily bind us

“Log kya kahenge?” “Yaar, how can I do this? I don’t want to look awkward.” Well, guess what? You can, and happily so, if you’re free mentally! FTW!

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6. Lack of trust in ourselves

You’ve grown up with yourself. How can you not trust the one who has always been with you?

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7. Depending on intoxicants

Both, in terms of people and things. Dependency = attachment/need. When the attachment ends, it hurts. Why unnecessarily hurt yourself?

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8. Berating ourselves over mistakes

I really think self-loathing should be penalized. For whatever reason, you’re a fool if you loathe yourself, especially over mistakes. They’re a part and parcel of everybody’s life. You’re not the only one. So relax.

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9. Finding happiness in material things

Half the first world problems begin here! And the rest of the worlds are equally affected because they don’t have first world problems. How depressing?

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10. Undermining ourselves

Read The Magic Of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz if this post doesn’t help.

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11. Torturous relationships

As cliched as this might sound, there are, in fact, plenty of fish in the sea!

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12. Opinions of others


And then, come the new ones! It’s a vicious cycle.

13. Qualms over rejection

So what if you were rejected by your first crush or you couldn’t nail that first job interview. No big deal!

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14. Competition

It’s just a funny bhed-chaal , not some Dandi march we must be a part of. Just gotta do better than ourselves!

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15. Self-pity

So what if you weigh more than Deepika Padukone? So what if you aren’t in the job of your dreams yet? So what if the last person you dated dumped you? Stop feeling bad about yourself. You’re better than that.

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16. Hatred and unbent grudges

“Oh! That bitch screwed me, I have to get back at her.” Alright. What after that?

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17. Chase against imperfection

We know nobody’s perfect, yet we try and try hard to attain perfection. Why? We don’t need to. We just have to grow and learn every day because it’s the journey that matters not the goal.

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18. Living in the past or dwelling about the future.

Focusing on things that have happened or haven’t are equally detrimental. We’re trained to learn from the past so that the future settles. Where does the present go? Give that poor phase a try!

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It’s true they say! Happiness is a state of mind. And it’s not hard to find. Just make sure you don’t step on the poop that retire on the streets. And if you do, clean yourself and move on. Simple 🙂