We ladies share an innate love for our fancy footwear. There’s not one of us who doesn’t cherish her collection of platforms that make her feel larger than life. But here’s a heartbreaking news for us all.

If your collection of sandals contains any of these (gladiator sandals and espadrilles)…

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And if you wear them regularly, then, my friend, your feet are in trouble!

Our feet naturally swell throughout the day and so, any strappy shoe will cause blisters and bruises if we wear them for too long. And my source here is Luis Navarro, MD, surgeon and medical director of the Vein Treatment Center in New York City. So, believe you me!

The veins in our feet, calves, and ankles are constricted by the straps. Thus, slowing the blood flow in the veins and fu**ing our feet!

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You might think: “Oh, these are temporary blisters and will fade in time.” But, sorry to break it to you, sweety , these are capable of permanent damage and even frightening ones like spider veins , especially if you have a family history, smoke, are obese, take hormonal birth control and are on your feet for long periods of time !

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Scary, right? Don’t worry, these aren’t all that harmful but come on, do you really want these?

There are too many shoes available in the market. How about we let our feet breathe and break free from these nerve-constraining straps?

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