India is a hub of numerous cultures and traditions, which in turn means there are an unbelievable number of languages in our country. And this makes communication very tricky. Words that mean well in your city might just start a fight in another. Who knows when you might end up in jail for saying something inappropriate. And the funny part is that you won’t even know why!

Primarily for general awareness, here is a list of 18 words from various Indian languages that have multiple meanings:

1. Not all dabbas are useful!

2. So what do you call a fat older brother?

3. Next time somebody says ” Kundi lagao” , butt-nudge them immediately.

4. Appropriate for the Naayis who spoil your hairstyle.

5. Any Tamilian who says this in North India is in for a shock.

6. Did you know that in Andhra Pradesh they serve food on tatti ?

7. Stuck with popats who can’t fly?

8. A kadak word this is!

9. Be very careful with this word.

10. Yo Yo Honey Singh would probably want to change a few words from his songs after reading this.

11. Another word you shouldn’t play with.

12. Code word during exams: Batti Jala .

13. So what do you call it when you get duped buying a cap in Karnataka?

14. Something round and torturous? I can only think of Kaddu.

15. Yes, just KAAL with her/him.

16. I don’t think this word can create any problem.

17. Beware of the chhatris that want you to get drenched in the rain.

18. If you’re a liar, this is the last Pungi you’d ever want blown .