A dream house is one of those things we all fantasise about. While some people crave for a small little place they can derive comfort from, others wish for palatial houses. Here’s a little list of things that you should totally consider into that fantasy. In-house slides, swings, beautiful little nooks…these are things dreams are made of *sigh!*

1. A sandpit footrest – to bring the beach indoors.

Just look at that! So much comfort!

2. A slide – for when stairs are just too boring and mainstream.

3. A hanging bed – for the best naps ever.

4. A staircase that also doubles up as a storage area.

Or library. Why not!

5. A beautiful pool for the summer months.

This one has been designed to look like a real pond. Imagine, right inside your house!

6. A nice living room with a beautiful view – to entertain your guests in.

7. A hammock that uses your dead space – because dream houses are cool AND space-efficient!

8. A funky doorbell – so you know who it is without even looking.

9. A hidden room – for when you need down time away from everyone.

10. A nice conversation pit to chill with your friends.

11. Indoor swings!

Because deep down, we’re all just children.

12. A beautiful tree house to enjoy the cool summer nights in.

13. A comfy little nook – to curl up with a book in.

14. And of course, a beautiful library to take those books from.

15. Maybe even a bed to lie in with the books.

16. A brilliant underground garage – because your fancy car deserves a dramatic entry every single time.

17. Hidden storage – to stash away all the clutter and keep your house looking squeaky clean.

18. A nice big airy kitchen – for your masterchef level cooking adventures!

19. A chalkboard wall – to doodle away to your heart’s content.

20. For those of you who are adventurous, how about an indoor rock climbing wall?


What’s your dream house like?