Out of the 1.2 billion people in our country, more than a whopping 7.5 crore are drug addicts. Shocked? There’s more to come. If you think these drugs are sold illegally, it’s time to face reality. A majority of these addicts don’t even have to go step out more than a few kilometers from their homes to buy these drugs. Chemist shops are a haven for drug users with addictive prescription drugs being sold like hot cakes. No wonder the pharmaceutical industry in our country is the world’s third largest producer and earns $12 billion revenue a year.

Even though this goes on in the open, the government has turned a blind eye and nothing substantial is being done about the same. Al Jazeera investigated the unchecked sale of these drugs in Delhi. This shocking video witnesses their destructive impact on people and that’s exactly why you should watch it.

H/T: Al Jazeera America