Drinking with friends is probably one of the most underrated pleasures of life. And whenever friends meet over drinks, some drama is sure to ensue. Graphic designer Ashwin Hirwe and copy writer Amol Mahajan have come up with a series of posters which are a hilarious take on the things we say after getting drunk with friends.

1. One drink down.

2. Two drinks down, you start missing the ones who couldn’t make it.

3. Just getting started.

4. I can handle four drinks.

5. Ek patiyaala aur pila do.

6. Capacity, bro!

7. And emotions start pouring out.

8. Your generosity level is directly proportional to the number of drinks you take.

9. Bas last peg, bhai!

10. Bas ye pakka last!

11. I am fine, yaar.

12. Phew. I am never drinking again!

True story. Admit it!