A DSLR is not just a camera; it is a Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera and you are in love with it. Let’s admit it, you DSLR owners out there are like Gollum and the DSLR is your Ring. It has possessed you and you’re clearly obsessed with it. You take it everywhere. It has become your ‘Precious’. You’re convinced that the sun shines through your lens and gives you the warmth of love. Oh, yeah!

There are certain things every DSLR owner can easily relate to.

1. Eruption of endless confusion while trying to decide which DSLR will make you the next big photographer.

Sony loon, ya Nikon? Chor yaar, Canon hi best hai. Wait…”

2. Buying a DSLR after a series of researches feels like a better victory than achieving full marks on a Math test.

3. The ‘My Precious Syndrome’: Your DSLR is your new-born baby. You protect it more than you can protect yourself.

Mujhe kuch bhi ho jaye, par DSLR ko kuch nahi hona chahiye.”

4. The number of selfies you click increases every day.

“Let me take a selfie with my new Canon 600D!” Those selfies in the washroom or the dresser mirror reflection. Yes, we’ve all clicked them.

5. Suddenly everything looks aesthetic to you. You want to capture EVERYTHING.

“Oh, look, a butterfly. Wait, observe how the sunlight falls on the green leaves of this blossoming tree. I need to capture it in my DSLR.”

6. Time to create a photography page on Facebook.

“Guys, please like my page, Ram Lakshman Singh Photography.” Umm, O-K-A-Y.

7. Buying a DSLR and not joining your college photography group is clearly a waste of talent. It’s like disrespecting your DSLR.

8. You’re saving money to buy a zoom lens.

“Mom- Dad, now, that is a necessity. If only I could sell my sibling for some money.”

9. You turn into a cold-blooded ninja assassin if anybody tries to harm your little baby.

“You don’t know how to use it. Don’t touch it!”

10. You take pictures from every possible angle. Laymen will not understand the perplexity of your actions.

“Because the saturation and the adjustment of the aperture…” Yes, the universe is dying to know.

11. You click pictures of each and everything during an excursion to a fortress/hill station/temple/pan shop.

Your friends are tired of your constant ‘brief’ stops whenever you come across a ‘beautiful landscape’, which by the way, is just about every spot.

12. Buying new camera cases becomes an obsession.

That old bag cannot protect my precious anymore.  ‘Mom-Dad, please? Or do I have to afford it on my own?’

13. Spending money on Photoshop becomes more important than spending money on food, clothes, dates, oxygen. You thrive on it.

14. You become the FB DP photographer in your friend circle.

All your friends get their pictures clicked from your DSLR so that they can ‘profile it’ on Facebook. Admit it, you love making them look like a model. Makes you feel like a professional photographer. Pose-Pose-Click 😉

Seriously now, are you clicking photos of this article with your DSLR?