Meet Akshatha Shetty and Piyush Goswami, who have embarked on a journey through rural India. This journey of theirs is one of a kind. They have been traveling for the last two years experiencing and documenting stories to highlight the country’s social issues.

Khaleej Times

Their project Rest Of My Family is a documentation of amazing stories about people from all over the country – from Rajasthan to Nagaland and from Jammu and Kashmir to Tamil Nadu.

They also have not shied away from mentioning their own experiences. From troubles with police officials, broken down cars and problems with safe housing to unbelievable love and affection, they have seen it all.

Rest Of My Family

Moved by the love and compassion that have they received, Shetty and Goswami have given up their lucrative jobs and homes to narrate stories from the ignored rural India. But what they have realised – unfortunately – is that only documenting these stories will not affect the lives of these people.

Rest Of My Family

So, they have taken it a step beyond and have begun the first campaign for Rest Of My Family called Drive For Change . They are attempting to reach a larger audience, raise funds and help the people and communities they write about.

Drive For Change

A lot of good souls have helped them in their endeavor and they have collected $19,450 USD through the campaign so far. But they are still short of money and have only five days left to collect as much as they can.

This is where people like us can help. Donate here and help them help our extended family that seem to have fallen behind.

In case you want to hear about it all from the guys themselves, check this video.