Ours is a country which has always been obsessed with fairness, particularly so when it comes to women. Most of us have grown up watching Fair and Lovely ads. No wonder we have a booming 2000 crore industry of skin-whitening products.

Being a dusky woman in India is tough. Even Rafi saheb had to compose a song to prove a dark person’s innocence with, “ Hum kaale hai toh kya hua, dilwaale hai.” Here are a few annoying things that Indians need to stop saying to dusky women.

1. “ Rang aisa hi raha toh shaadi kaun karega tumse?

This one has been shot at us so many times, even from distant relatives. Why are they so bothered about our shaadi , when they barely know us? Is shaadi and being fair the only two things in a women’s life?

2. “ Aur kaali hoti jaa rahi hai.Thoda besan hi laga le.”

From besan to rose water, the suggestions are never ending. And they come from our very own family members. Thank you very much for the advice, but we don’t need to match your idea of beauty.

3. “You must cover your face when you go out, else you’ll get even more darker.”

Why should I cover my face when I go out? May be, you should cover your mouth, like forever.

4. “Fair and beautiful bride wanted for a well-qualified engineer boy.”

So fairness is your only criteria to know my worth? Thank you, but before you reject me on that basis, I have already rejected you in my mind for being a retard.


5. “Why don’t you use a fairness cream? Your complexion will get much better.”

Why don’t you use your brains? Your personality will get much better.

6. “How are you so confident despite being dark?”

How are you so dumb despite being fair?

7. “Ladki agar gori hoti toh shayad baat ban jaati.”

Probably the most common of the lot – so many Indian women get rejected for marriage because of their complexion. When will we stop criticizing women based on their skin colour?

8. “You must be from down South.”

And you must be from Judgmental Racist Town.

9. If your boyfriend/husband is fair: “Such a catch!”

There is a whole wide world outside physical appearance. You should try visiting it sometime.

There are so many more harsher things that dark-skinned women hear every day. Yes, we look different from others, but instead of felling inferior, let’s take pride in that. Remember that success and happiness have no colour. You go girl! Feature Image