Let’s admit it. We all want to be forever young. Or at least age gracefully like wine. But then life happens and before we realize it, we grow old. From fast-food and parties to video games and beer, we end up cutting down on a hell of a lot of things we love and not because we can’t do them, but because why unnecessarily screw with our bodies, right?

Some things are best done when you’re still young. Here is a list of 20 of these:

1. Hog on all the junk food in the world.

When you’re young, you can eat like a dog and not worry about health problems.

2. Gulp in buckets of alcohol because your body can take it.

For all the old alcoholics in the house, you know what got you there! Besides, you really cannot show up hungover at work. It ruins the entire day.

3. Party lavishly.

Let’s face it. You can’t be partying the way you do at 25 when you turn 52. Unless you’re Hugh Hefner…

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4. Stay up all night and the next morning too.

Redbull. Check. Coffee. Double check. Eventually, it becomes: Sleeping pills. Check, if you can’t sleep.

And let’s not forget the slumber parties!

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5. Binge watch TV shows.

You really can’t doze off at work the way you used to at the back of your classroom just because you had a long night, can you? If you do, GOODBYE job!

6. Play video games at stretch.

Unless you’re swamped with good luck, forget the games.

7. Not worry about the first salary.

And later worry about the job and the pay.

8. Change careers.

You can do something completely different from what you studied without any worked-the-wrong-job-all-my-life baggage.

9. Borrow money from friends.

You don’t think twice before borrowing from your friends when you’re young. But as and when you “grow up”, there’s a lot of awkwardness and ego.

10. Make all kinds of silly mistakes. They won’t be forgiven later.

Youth is like your invisibility cape. You can hide behind it. This cape however isn’t all that durable!

11. Date wrong people knowingly/unknowingly.

Perfect time to experiment with people. Both good for you and bad. Plenty of life lessons hidden there.

12. Fall in love, and out.

It’s way easier to fall in love when you’re young. Who has the time to find love/sustain it after you grow up? It’s possible but difficult.

13. Not feel guilty about not settling down.

14. Experiment with lifestyles.

Shabby, sorted, extremely out of control, pretentious, inspired from celebrities, anything! Your body isn’t used to any fixed kind. You can try them all and figure out what suits you best.

15. Experiment with clothes/fashion.

Whether you want to dress young or matured or funny, you’re at a place where you can make anything work for you without looking like a complete tool.

16. Adjust to uncomfortable environments easily.

Getting out of your comfort zone is nothing but a thrilling challenge… for young people.

17. Make friends in the flow.

18. And get rid of those you don’t need.

Because the sooner, the better.

19. Choose to be ‘different’.

You can be as weird as you want to be. And feel great about it.

20. Not having a set of goals.

That’s when you feel you have plenty of time to figure out things. Which you do. But time flies and you end up at a place goal-less, time-less!

21. Procrastinate.

“Kal toh karna hi hai, phir aaj kyu?” Saying this 20 years from now would definitely get you in deep shit.

22. Study.

It’s true. Even if you don’t want to, your mind is young, with much better grasping ability. All you need is a little bit of motivation.

23. Exercise/ Play sports with much better zeal and stamina.

Some of you who like to keep fit know the perks of starting young. It’s always better and easier.

24. Live for ourselves.

You might think you can take out time for yourself but with the amount of responsibilities you have, it simply becomes an unbinding struggle.

Life is a complete perfection only if we do it all, at the right time. And of course, find a way to sustain it!