We’re lazy. It’s no news. We don’t want to waste money. Who does? But some occasions require us to put in that extra effort, and spend a little more for those few people that matter the most to us. And no matter how much we may deny it, it’s always a fuss.

We have therefore come up with these 15 quick (at least most of them are) and cheap creative ‘Do It Yourself’ ideas that will not only give a personal touch to your gift, but you will actually enjoy making them.

1. Paper gift bags

You could print out their pictures or favourite quotes and place however small and meaningless the gift is, in it. It’s suddenly worth a lot more. You can find the tutorial, here .


2. Tea-light holders

These tea-light holders are the easiest to make, and you can learn how, here .


3. Photo pendant

This is the perfect ‘forgive me’ gift, obviously it won’t be complete unless you send a basket full of chocolates too. Girlfriends will go crazy, and mothers will start weeping and your job here, will be done. Here’s the tutorial .


4. Bath goodies in a washcloth

You can decorate it anyway you want! Maybe add a ribbon and spray some of your favourite perfume and it’s ready to go! Or you could decorate it according to the festive season! It’s all up to you. You can find the tutorial, here .


5. Send a hug

To everyone dealing with any sort of long-distance relationship this might be the perfect gift for you. A personalised hug with a message. How adorable is that? L earn how to, here .


6. Photo tile coaster

This might be the most thoughtful of gifts you can ever give, and it won’t even take you long to make them. Follow the simple steps, h ere .


7. S’more love in a jar

Got a foodie in your gang? This might be perfect! S’mores and chocolate, who doesn’t like the combination? H ere ‘s the tutorial.


8. Paint swirl vases

For someone’s house warming, this quick and easy alternative to a super heavy on the pocket gift, is the best thing ever. You can choose any colour and any design you fancy. Learn how, here .


9. Marbled drinking glasses

These vibrant additions to anyone’s glassware will only bring them good. Again, you can choose whatever colour and whatever design. Here ‘s the tutorial.


10. Watercolour coffee mug

You’ll be amazed what a little bit of nail-paint can do and you’ll never buy designer cups again. Here , learn how.


11. Sun catcher wind chimes

This can be a family bonding project. It will take a little time, but the results will not disappoint you. Here ‘s the tutorial.


12. Packet of decorated oreos

As a foodie, if i was gifted this I would be the happiest person on this planet. You can find the tutorial here .

Quick tip: For better presentation, you could stack them up in mason jars and stick a personalised message on it.


13. Lip balm lockets

There’s no girl in the world that won’t like this. Here ‘s the tutorial.

Quick tip: Find out which lip balm she prefers, putting in any random one might not be the best idea.


14. Pom-pom letters

You could use their initials or their whole name (depends on how much effort you’re in the mood of putting in) and gift them these adorable goofy pom-pom letters. You could colour-code them according to gender. Here ‘s the tutorial.


15. Mini table mats/ hot pads

These super easy, super vibrant hot pads are the perfect addition to anyone’s table. Make a few of different sizes and pack them up with colorful gift wrapping paper. Here , learn how.