His mere presence has a calming effect on you. You don’t even remember the last time you were this relaxed before you met him. If your guy is as cool about life as a cumber, you’re one lucky girl! Here’s why:

1. He’s easy to talk to.

He’s laid back and approachable. If you’ve ever had trouble opening up, he’s your permanent solution.

2. He goes with the flow.

So you changed your mind about dinner plans? No problem! Need him to come over on a short notice, easy! *sigh*

3. He has a life beyond you, and lets you enjoy yours.

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you two are joined at the hip. Your guy understands that.

4. He will never nag you with those “where are you” texts.

He loves you, and he cares about you, but he knows where to stop. Isn’t that just the best?

5. Fights are never a big deal.

He doesn’t make a big deal of the things that are said in anger. You went a little overboard in your screamfest last night? No love lost.

6. He trusts you.

Your guy is never going to be one of those who feel insecure of your other guy friends. Or even girl friends for that matter. If anything, he will happily join in on the fun.

7. He’s a good boyfriend, and an even better friend.

Go ahead, share all your deepest darkest secrets with him. No judgment!

8. He’s a good sport.

He’s too chill to be easily offended. Say bye bye to your worries about hurting him unintentionally. No more brooding for you!

9. He never questions your choices.

You like wearing skirts? Great! You want to stay out with your girls all night? Super! Do what you want, be who you want to be. He loves it that way.

10. He has a good sense of humour.

He laughs easily, and cracks you up every time. What’s not to love?

11. He knows how to let his hair down.

His mere presence has a calming effect on those around him. For all those sleepless nights you spend worrying about life, you’ve got a buddy to help you calm down.

12. He can be rather wise when he wants to.

There’s a reason he’s so easy going in life. It’s because he can cut straight through the crap and into the heart of the problem. He’s got it all figured out, and he’s a pro at accepting things he doesn’t have control over. Take a leaf out of his book!

13. You don’t have to worry about commitment issues.

Your guy will always take it as it comes.

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Count your blessings, girl!