They say India is incredible. I disagree.

India is more than just simply incredible. Or just simply enchanting. Or just simply amazing. India is many and then, India is one . In this diversity lies the true essence of this land. In our inability to ever truly understand it and yet being a part of it, lies its greatness.

Fascinating it is, how two different worlds exist within one idea called India.

1. An India of skilled hands and an India of sharp minds

Source: ashmir World Foundation

2. An India of western influences and an India of influential traditions

Source: in-fb

3. An India of thriving chai waalas and an India of multinational coffee shops

Source: The Hindu Businessline

4. An India of bargainers and an India of dream brands

Source: nikhilchandra

5. An India of past glories and an India marching towards a glorious future

Source: yovacations

6. An India of ancient wisdom and an India of modern expertise

Source: 3news

7. An India of adept doctors and an India of proficient healers

Source: beontheroad

8. An India of natural wonders and an India of man made wonders

Source: io9

9. An India of fertile earth and an India of nurturing waters

Source: treklocations

10. An India of scarcity and an India of excess

Source: livemint

11. An India of delectable mithais and an India of fiery Bhut Jolokias

Source: kitchenplatter

12. An India of beats and rhythms; and an India of sur and taal

Source: omiguitarpics

13. An India of concrete jungles and an India of wild beasts

Source: pixabay

14. An India that believes and an India that questions

Source: khabarsouthasia

15. An India that lives in the shadows and an India that shines in the sun

Source: India Today

There may be two worlds, there may be many; but they are all beautifully embraced within one geographical boundary; within one identity.