Emotions are complicated to understand. That is especially true for Indians. We have been blessed with abundant tear glands that function really well in happy as well as sad situations. We cry when we fight with our parents, we cry when we are happy and get promoted, we shout in anger at our partner and we scream when we party! When it comes to emotions, we are an expressive lot.Here are 8 things we are most emotional about:

1. Weddings

No matter how much fun they are, all of us secretly cry on seeing the vidaai of the bride. No one can control themselves when the bride’s father sheds tears to bid goodbye to his daughter. That's how our Indian tradition moves us!

2. Parents

We are tremendously family-oriented and everything related to our family affects us. Parents are the sole pillars of our lives and everything about them matters. We fight for them, stand by them and will do anything for them.


3. A common man with an inspiring story

We, Indians, are known for thinking from our hearts. It takes just an inspiring sight/story to give us goosebumps.


4. Bollywood movies

We have grown up with Bollywood, watching all the emotions on the screen. One way or another, it has rubbed off on us. That’s why even after watching Border for the 100th time, our patriotic fervor remains the same and leaves us teary eyed.


5. Cricket

For Indians, cricket is no less than a religion and when its God said goodbye, tears rolled down everybody’s face. Sachin's farewell speech kept the whole of India glued to their TVs. It didn’t end there. We watched it again and again on Youtube! And every time we cried.


6. Soothing music

Nice music and great lyrics make us move and they take a definite toll on our emotions. Melodious songs by great artists of our industry make sure we get every flavour for every emotion of ours. They always touch our hearts and take us down memory lane.


7. Visiting a peaceful place

In this hectic life, when you find peace in any small way, it is a sigh of relief. Visiting a temple, masjid or gurudwara, wherever you find peace, always calms your soul. It gets you closer to your inner self and makes life brighter!


8. Love

Love makes the world go around. It makes you explore and express your hidden emotions. It changes you as a person and brings out the best out in you.


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