Even before Modi had the idea of Digital India, this small gram panchayat in Kerala was already working silently to achieve complete digitization of the village. Something as simple, yet sometimes so rare, as cooperation among the officials is all it took to achieve this nearly impossible task. Eraviperoor, a village located in the district of Pathanamthitta, has achieved complete digitization. All records, information, and all kinds of transactions are now done the digital way. The list of achievements by this panchayat does not end here.

1. It is the first gram panchayat to provide Wi-Fi to the general public.

The free Wi-Fi is now available within a 1 kilometre radius across 5 hot spots.


2. Eraviperoor is the first panchayat to win a National Award for public administration.


3. The public can get all their certificates registered & issued within 1 minute under the o ne-minute certificate scheme.


4. Ultra modern record rooms

Touch-screen kiosks in the panchayat area give public the access to their records in the digitized record room. No more standing in queues now!


5. First panchayat to get the ISO 9001 certification.

Eraviperoor is the first panchayat in the country to get their Primary Health Care Centre in Othera, ISO certified.


6. Chosen as a modern hi-tech green village by the Horticulture Department

In 2013, the Horticulture Department chose Eraviperoor as the hi-tech village on account of banana plantations initiated by 42 women groups which benefited the entire village.


7. Recipient of the Biodiversity Conservation Award

The panchayat was the recipient of this award instituted by the State Biodiversity Board and the Sanitation Award of the State Sanitation Mission.


8. The panchayat has its own plastic shredding unit. The shredded plastic is then mixed with tar to pave sustainable roads.


The perfect model of a wholesome Digital India.

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