Every week, some time around late Wednesday or early Thursday , your over enthusiastic brain starts making weekend plans for you. Plans that are totally amazing and kickass! However, not everything you chalk out works out quite as well as you would like. Reality has other plans for you. For instance, I should be chilling on a yacht in Miami according to what I had planned. Instead I’m at work in a windowless room in Gurgaon fighting large moths! So, here is a list of things that we plan to do on weekends vs what we actually end up doing!


Catch up on the kick-ass Hollywood movies playing in the theatre and have a rollicking good time!


End up sitting at home, watching dubbed South Indian movies on Set Max.

2. Expectation:

Finally get around to reading all the books you’ve dumped in the back corner of your shelf.


Facebook! Facebook! Facebook!

3. Expectation:

Screw the deadlines, screw the bosses, this weekend is going to be all about clubbing .


Cozily snuggle inside your blanket and sleep for so long you don’t even see the sun for the next 48 hours.

4. Expectation:

Get off your ass and finally hit the gym to kick start a new healthy chapter in your life.


Make plans with your buddy and end up drinking a dozen beers and hogging countless plates of chicken that leave you feeling like a bloated balloon.

5. Expectation:

Officially make the weekend ‘cleaning day’ so you can make your apartment look absolutely spotless.


TV Show marathon on your laptop!

6. Expectation:

Do some much needed shopping and completely revamp your outdated wardrobe!


Notice the pile of dirty clothes in your room and almost end up breaking your back washing the entire freaking heap!

7. Expectation:

Make the weekend the epitome of adventure and exploration and just go out and experience the lovely reclusive parts of the city!


Spend the weekend paying your electricity, phone & cable bills.

8. Expectation:

Inspired by an episode of Masterchef, you decide to invite all your friends over for a home cooked meal over the weekend!


Feel so goddamn lazy that you group forward the message ‘Sorry guys. Something came up. Let’s do it another time.’

9. Expectation:

Make the weekend all about you as it’s been decades since you last pampered yourself. Parlour, salon and spa!


Check your bank balance and realize the money you have isn’t enough for any kind of pampering. So you just get depressed and go to sleep!

10. Expectation:

Take out your girlfriend/boyfriend for a lovely romantic dinner and a movie since work has been dominating your life for a long time.


Rot in office after you get the super mega urgent call from work asking you to slog over the weekend!