If there is one thing better than a weekend, it is this! Extended weekends are like therapy. With the Gandhi Jayanti weekend knocking at our doors, we decided to list out 10 reasons why extended weekends are the best thing to happen to us:

Extended weekend: Two words. One emotion. Ecstasy!

2. The satisfaction we get on seeing the calendar and marking all the weekends is just incomparable.

4. It’s the perfect time to take that road trip we have been putting off forever!

5. We can finally catch up on all the episodes of that favourite TV show and also meet old friends we’ve been planning to catch up with for ages.

6. For those living away from their hometowns, extended weekends are the time to reunite with their families and savour homemade food.

7. We can catch up on lost sleep and still have a sizeable chunk of the weekend left.

8. Extended weekends freshen us up before the regular grind of everyday life resumes.

9. Extended weekends mean extended everything!

10. When they end, it’s like a part of us has died.

Okay, bye. I need to pack my bags to go home now!