The one question that haunts every woman every day of her life is: “What the fuck should I wear today?”

Dressing up isn’t just about clothes, or a happy activity any longer. It has turned into a people-pleasing task with no room for self-expression and comfort. There are dos and don’ts that are impossible to nail; and it’s no minor matter that they are subtly destructive to self-esteem.

Popular comic and self-professed ‘unfollower,’ Radhika Vaz, is fucking exhausted with the pressure of dressing up, and decides to break free from the shackles of the fashion world. In this remarkable video by FabAlley , she stands unabashed, in her birthday suit, delivering what is arguably the most uncensored and empowering monologue by a woman of today. This has to be the ballsiest statement made by a fashion brand so far!

This post is sponsored by FabAlley.