India is the largest democracy in the world and the youth of the country is revolutionary. It is unafraid and wants to know more. It wants to explore, build and discover more than any generation before it. The youth of India is aware that they don’t have it all and they are ready to fight for it.

The after effects of the Nirbhaya Gang rape case is proof enough. The outrage for the issue of women’s safety was so massive that the government was forced to launch CrPC section 144 (disallowing assembly of groups larger than 5) and a curfew near the Presidential residence. And this all was majorly done by the youth who wanted change.

Here are some interesting facts about the youth of the country to make this International Youth’s Day special.

Most of them know what they want.

42% of them are between the age group 15-24 years.

The future depends on us!