Some people look for love throughout their lives but remain disappointed. While there are others who don't have to make an effort to look for it. It just comes their way - not once or twice, but you find yourself falling for people every day. Whether it is that time when you were in the metro and you caught a glimpse of that cute girl smiling at you, the time when your crush looked at you and winked, when that handsome guy said yes to go out with you - you celebrate love in some form or the other every day.

If you are someone who falls in love often, you will be able to relate to these points:

1. You take the sentence, 'Love is in the air,' quite literally and look for it everywhere.

You put yourself out there and let love do the magic.

2. You are a sucker for rom-com movies and sincerely believe that something similar will happen to you as well.

3. You are hardly ever single. Falling for someone or the other comes naturally to you.

4. You get butterflies in your stomach the moment you see a 'prospective lover.'

5. And when that happens, your entire life revolves around that one person.

6. Not only this, you even start imagining how your future with them would be like.

7. Your friends are tired of hearing about your new crush.

8. You take compliments rather seriously and believe they might be throwing a romantic hint at you.

9. After a while, you realise that you don't really have a type because you've fallen for all types of people.

10. You find yourself easily getting attached to people.

11. Which is why you suffer a lot of heartbreaks.

12. But that never dwindles your faith in love one bit.

Falling in love might come with a price, but as long as you are happy, it doesn't matter.

13. You know that one day, a person will walk by and love you like you deserve to be loved!

So stay strong, soldier. You're not the only one sailing in this ship. Your one and only someone will eventually come your way.