Families are the best.. And if it is a big fat Indian family, nothing like it. Believe it or not your family lives only for you.

Though there are a lot of reasons to love your family, here are 10 reasons why your family is the absolute best.

1. Your first lesson in being a responsible adult started with your family.

Starting from your first step as a baby to telling you the difference between right and wrong, they are the ones who have taught you life.

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2. Even when they didn't have much, they made sure you had everything to live a comfortable life.

Your happiness was and always will be their prime importance.

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3. They celebrate your every triumph like it's their own. Because it is.

Be it your first stint at work or your big promotion.

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4. They are your worst critics and your best friend.

All rolled into one.

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5. Even when things are not going well and you don't have anyone by your side, you always know that your family will be there for you.

They will never judge you or complain and they will always be by your side

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6. People may come and go; they may hurt you but a family stays with you forever and would never hurt you.

Good, bad or ugly, only a family sticks together.

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7. Families are the only ones who look out for you.

Sometimes when our parents advice us, we might not take it seriously. We challenge it, fight with them and refuse to listen. But in your heart you know that they are only looking out for you.

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8. The person you are right now is largely thanks to your family. And you can never be grateful enough to them.

How they brought you up and the values they instilled in you.

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9. Be it 5 or 50, they guide you through life, no matter what.

When in doubt, you can always turn to your family because they will be there no matter what.

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10. You can be your best or your worst in front of your family but they still love you unconditionally.

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There is so much parents do for us like this father doing everything in his capacity for his son. He tries to be the best father and the only real life superhero in his little boy's life, in spite of his short comings.

Here are #daddyaurzooey #MakingGoodHappen .

Have you had a moment when you felt that there is no one else better than your family? If yes, then don't forget to share your story.

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