They say fashion is one of the best ways to express ourselves. However tough it may sound, it becomes easy when it comes with an affordable price-tag. Fast Fashion industry includes brands like Zara, Forever21, and H&M.; They are popular, quick, affordable and fashionable but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

Here are 8 facts about the Fast Fashion Industry you had no idea about.

1. Fashion brands deliberately make you feel ‘out of trend’

There are new trends popping up every week. Designers try to create new looks every week which makes it hard to keep up with the trends. It makes a person feel that they need new clothes every now and then in order to be updated.


2. They use genetically-modified cotton that harms the environment

The industry uses a lot of synthetic fabrics and Bt cotton or genetically modified cotton is one of those. While it has several advantages, it is also harmful to the environment. It affects soil, animals and waterways.


3. Discounts don’t really exist. You pay for what you get

When you enter a store for discounts, know that you are paying for low quality clothes. Outlets broker deals with designers to put designer labels on cheaply made clothes manufactured in other low-quality manufacturing factories.


4. There are harmful chemicals on your clothes

There is a high probability that the belt you bought is lead contaminated. There are pesticides, formaldehydes and carcinogens on your clothes. Excess exposure to chemicals like lead increases the risk of infertility in women. These chemicals are also linked to several other diseases.


5. They create an outrageous amount of waste every year

There is a lot of wastage involved with the production of clothes at this rapid rate. It produces 2 million tons of waste per year which lands up in the trash. The production also results in 2.1 million tons of CO2 and wastage of 70 million tons of water every year. That is an insane amount of wastage!


6. Sequins and beading-work indicates child labour and slavery

Around 20-60% of garment production involves informal workers. They work on minimal wages and in inhumane conditions. You can check how many slaves work for you on a daily basis. Countries like Uzbekistan and even India have children working during the cotton harvesting seasons.


7. They have a short life because they are designed to fall apart

Your clothes not only fall out of trend very soon, they also fall apart quicker. Low quality fabrics, dyes and accessories are bound to turn into a waste sooner rather than later. We all have been in situations where clothes change their shape and colour in a single wash. Don’t be fooled anymore.


8. Rapid production is not letting fashion breathe

It is not only about the environment. So many clothes and designs every week are exhausting the marketplace. Famous designers have accepted that fast fashion is killing the quality of clothes. You buy something cheap and use it for a month before you need a new one, and that is how you land up spending more than what good quality clothes cost.


Let fashion breathe!