What do you feel like when you’re on your period? Sure, it sucks. There’s a lot of discomfort and the cramps don’t make life any easier. But after eons of sailing through that dreaded week every month, there’s no denying the fact that we ladies are bosses at handling the red sea. Yes, we are!

However, shooting the drama through the roof, Australian company Unicharm released a commercial titled “Ugh Moments” for their menstrual products brand, Sofy BeFresh .

Not only is this advert period shaming, it is unabashedly fat shaming as well. According to this commercial, on her period, a woman becomes several sizes bigger than her normal, non-menstruating alter ego, and has a bad attitude.

Here’s the full commercial:


This insensitive commercial has, quite understandably, triggered a considerable amount of backlash on social media.

We’re no less fabulous when we’re on our period, and we won’t let some commercial try and convince us otherwise. Nope!