In Jharkhand, a daily wage earner’s 9-year-old daughter was brutally raped by a man two months ago.

The child was lured with chocolates by a local driver. He then raped her and left her on the spot to die, as reported by Hindustan Times . Bleeding profusely and unable to stand, the child crawled to her house.

When her parents heard what happened to her, they took her to the nearest medical centre where her condition worsened and she had to be taken Jamshedpur. When they were unable to cure her even in Jamshedpur, she had to be taken to Ranchi.

Hindustan Times

She had suffered a ruptured intestine and had to undergo a colectomy to remove the same. She now uses a colostomy bag. The surgery was successful but her bandages need to be changed regularly.

The father, does not own any vehicle of any sort, not even a bicycle. The Maoist-hit area does not have any public vehicle also.

He now carries her to the nearest medical centre, which is 4 km away and has not missed any visit. He also claims that they are in debt now.

The rapist was caught a few days later while he was trying to rape another minor.