Remember the old Vodafone ads about two little girls doing sweet little things for each other? About how they make each other feel special?

Here is the video to refresh your memory:

While many things about these ads were perfect, the background score was absolutely spot on. It successfully brought the made-to-feel-special angle of the  videos to life.

But have you ever wondered what song it is? Have you ever wanted to get your hands on the audio?

If yes, here it is. The composer, Mikey McCleary, noticed how the song was getting a lot of rave reviews and decided to come up with a long version of the same. What’s more? He got Anushka Manchanda – of Channel V and Viva! fame – to sing the sweet song.

The song is part of McCleary’s debut English album called TV Dinners . The name of the album is appropriate as you must’ve heard all the songs on TV. Other than Vodafone, McCleary has made TV jingles for many brands like Levis, Audi, Titan and Lakme. He has turned these jingles into full fledged songs and created a whole album out of it.

Half the songs have been sung by McCleary himself while the other half has been recorded by artists like Anushka, Shalmali Kholgade and Monica Dogra .

You can listen to the the full album here .