The way adults behave and act is one of the most influential things out there to those of us still growing up. As we pine to be as mature and responsible as our elders, there are moments that give us a glimpse into what it would be like a full blown grown up. Here are a few times when you definitely felt like an adult.

1. The first time you get a pre-paid connection and realise you’re in charge of your own bills. It’s both exciting and scary.

2. When you start driving for the first time and feel the freedom to go pretty much anywhere.

3. The first time you cook a meal for your friends or family that includes proper food and not just maggi and eggs.

4. When you draw out your CV for the first time and understand the importance it holds.

5. When you save up enough to buy your own things: here I come Xbox!

6. When you start taking care of your own self at boarding school or in the hostel.

7. And your younger sibling asks for advice on love. SO grown up.

8. When you decline a drink at a party and feel super responsible and mature.

9. When you suddenly realise that a significant number of your friends are getting married. A total WTF moment.

10. When you treat your parents to a meal at a restaurant and feel that rush of finally being able to give back.

11. When you get your first bank account and debit card and start swiping for literally everything!

12. When you make your own doctor’s appointments rather than just relying on your folks to magically make it happen.

13. When you start washing your own clothes and understand the pain of winter water.

14. When you finally start having political discussions with your family and friends and it actually makes sense.

15. The moment you hand someone your card for the first time and try to hide the excitement.

There’s a stark difference between feeling grown up and feeling old. Regardless of how old you are, it’s always best to stay young at heart.