It is not easy to know a person. But there are some ways by which you can get a fair idea about the person’s personality. By looking at the person’s feet you can find out some important things about their personality. Here are some such things :

1. Darkened areas of skin below toes is a sign of depression

According to Jane Sheehan , a foot-reader, depression makes people put all their weight on the front portion of their feet while walking. This leads to a darkening of the skin near the toes.

2. A gap between the second and third toe means that the person is trying to distance themselves from their emotions

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3. If the last joint of the third toe is curved at an angle, the person has an inherent ability to deceive.

These people are misunderstood more easily. The career of spy or a detective proves to be highly lucrative for them.

4. A really small little toe is symbolic of a childlike and playful nature.

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5. If a person’s little toe is pointed at an angle, the person is of an unconventional nature.

6. People who have a long second toe have strong leadership abilities

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7. A person whose second toe of the left foot leans towards the big toe is of a sentimental and nostalgic nature.

8. A callus under the little toe is a sign of being burdened by responsibility.

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9. If the feet are paler than the ankle the person is fed-up

Jane Sheehan , says that because of bad blood-circulation, the feet may appear pale in comparison to the ankles. This is a sign of exhaustion and hints at the person being fed up.

10. People with exceptionally wide feet are usually hard-working.

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11. High arched feet are symbolic of an intellectual personality and a self-dependent person.

12. People with low arched feet are realists and love the company of others.

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