In India, we seem to believe that the Judiciary is overrated. What else would explain this need to dole out justice outside of the law? And in another incident that just highlights that notion further, we’ve decided to take the law in our own hands.

Ironically, this time it’s the police who decided they were judge, jury and hangman. The video shows what looks to be a group of women police officers beating up a woman.

Apparently, the woman had accused a senior police officer of rape. From what can be garnered from the video, it looks like the female police officers, didn’t take too kindly to the accusation. After beating her up, they can be seen forcefully pushing the woman into a car.

You can watch the entire video here:

Time and time again, we’ve seen people resort to violence as a means to justice, whether the culprit is guilty or not. It happened with this man who was caught for eve teasing and it even resulted in the death of a child .

What’s even more shocking, is that this an incident perpetrated by the police.

When will we realise that justice and revenge are two entirely different things?