There, I dropped the dreaded F-word! Before you tag me as a feminazi, let me request you to read on for a minute.

When you think of a feminist, please don't think of a woman yelling her guts out, blaming men for everything. That is not our intention, it never was. Feminism is not just about women, it's also about men. They need it as much as we do.

Yes, feminism is about everyone.

It is about the woman who was not promoted despite the degree from a reputed college,

It is also about the man who lost the job to a pretty face.

Source: Source : www.blackenterprise.com

It is about the little girl who was not sent to school unlike her brother,

It is also about the boy who had to carry his sister's bag to school just because he was a boy.

Source: Source : en.wikipedia.org

It is about the girl who was eve teased because she wore short clothes,

It is also about the guy who thought he could do so because he's a man.

Source: Source : idiva.com

It is about the mother who had to kill her daughter in the womb,

It is also about the father who chose to bring his into the world despite society saying otherwise.

Source: Source : www.pardaphash.com

It is about the girl who was given the tag of a 'bad girl' just because she likes to party,

It is also about the guy who was laughed at when he said he was sexually assaulted.

It is about the woman who is paid one third the salary of her male counterparts,

It is also about the man who is not given sick leave as easily as his female colleagues.

Source: Source : www.corporate.man.eu

It is about my grandmother who thought she could never do anything without consulting my grandfather,

It is also about my grandfather who thought her place was in the kitchen.

Source: Source : www.flickr.com

It is about the woman who rushes back home from work to make dinner for her family,

It is also about the man who chooses to stay at home and takes care of the kids.

Source: Source : www.mansworldindia.com

It is about the girl who liked playing cricket but was forced to play with dolls instead,

It is as much about the guy who loved wearing pink but was called gay for it.

Source: Source : www.pinterest.com

It is about her choices,

As much as it is about his,

Source: Source : YouTube

And last but not the least, it is about the woman who strongly voices her opinion on feminism openly,

And it is also about the man who calls her a feminazi.

Source: Source : www.theplaidzebra.com

Feminism is about everyone.

Inspired from this poster by Nikhil Narayanan