Do you find yourself wishing to be taken to Hogwarts? Or Willy Wonka’s factory? Or any of those several places which you grew up reading about? You are a lover of fiction and truly understand that citylights are nothing but monotony unless interspersed between appearances by Superman. Here are some of the places from the world of fiction which you would love to visit :

1. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

From the Harry Potter Series

You have been waiting for your letter all this while, haven’t you? And why not! Who doesn’t want to go where photos can move and talk? Where you can meet a hippogriff? Where you can find a room which you really need? Where you can play Quidditch?

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2. Willy Wonka’s Factory

From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Who doesn’t love chocolate? And all things sweet? Now imagine a place where everything seems to be made of chocolate – the floor, trees, even a waterfall! All your dreams about plucking chocolate and candies from trees come alive here. Not to forget the opportunity to enjoy the company of the wacky, eccentric owner Mr. Willy Wonka.


3. The Emerald City

From The Wonderful World of Oz

Imagine the thrill of taking the yellow brick road to the emerald city. The beauty all around, not to forget the magic. Though there are evil witches, there is a lot of happiness in this place.

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4. The Galaxy

From Star Wars

A galaxy where space travel is commonplace. Who wouldn’t want to go there? Aren’t you always dreaming of setting foot on the moon? If you were a resident of this galaxy, you could do so much more! Not to forget the light sabers.

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5. Gotham City

From the Batman Series

The caped crusader’s city. Though it is a city of crime, it is also a really interesting city to be in. And imagine, you could run into Batman at any point of time! Or at least be working at Wayne Industries.


6. Xavier’s Academy

From the X-Men Series

The institute for mutants is a safe haven for anyone who is different. They are taught how to harness their energy. Not to mention the fact that the likes of Wolverine and Jean will be living there.

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7. Asgard

From the Thor Series

The Kingdom of Odin, Asgard is a place of plenty. It is scientifically advanced, and the place Loki calls home. The magnificence of the place shines through in its architecture. And who hasn’t dreamt of wearing the grand clothes that Natalie Portman sports in Asgard?


8. Neverland

From Peter Pan

A place where you can refuse to grow up! Who doesn’t want to live there? Also I would love to have Tinkerbell for a friend.


9. The Shire

From The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

There is food in plenty and there are happy faces everywhere you look. What more does one need? Adventure in the air! The Shire has all of this to offer.

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10. Narnia

From The Chronicles of Narnia

Aslan’s country is beautiful, though filled with dangers. Cair Paravel would be amazing to stay at. So would Mr. Tumnus’s house.

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11. Hogsmeade

From the Harry Potter Series

The place all the students from Hogwarts head to for a break. It has all interesting places to eat like the Three Broomsticks. And the candy shop Honeydukes! And the Zonko’s joke shop!

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12. Malgudi

From Swami and His Friends

The innocence of childhood is best re-lived here. Though people speculate that Malgudi is inspired by Coimbatore or Yadavgiri, it is difficult to pinpoint one place. R. K. Narayan built a village of memories which is so close to reality yet so far.


13. Rivendell

From The Hobbit

The beautiful city of Elves is hospitable and cheerful. All their singing and dancing can cheer up anyone. Not to forget their food. It is not called the Last Homely Home for no reason!


14. Diagon Alley

From the Harry Potter Series

The place where all the amazing bookshops and other magical goods stores are found in the wizarding world. The best place in the world I say. Keep out of the way of knockturn alley.

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15. The Gatsby Mansion

From The Great Gatsby

There might be a thousand problems with this world – decadence and insensitivity. But it is still the place where Gatsby, the endearing lover, the ernest friend lives. I would love to attend one of his parties and of course to get to know him better.


16. Swallow Falls

From Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

We can only dream of a place where it rains food. And not just one kind of food. Though yes, no one wants to be buried beneath a pile of food.


17. King’s Landing

From the Game of Thrones Series

The beauty of the land hides the dangers from an onlooker. Though chances of survival here are difficult, it would definitely be worth it to visit the place and walk on all the roads like the Gold road, the Rose road.


18. South Park

From South Park

The highly offensive world of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman is the ideal place to find ones voice. Not every world allows that. We know for a fact that this world doesn’t.


19. Pandora

From Avatar

The beautiful colors which symbiotically come together on this moon is just magnificent. The whole place pulsates with life which is like poetry.

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20. Lilliput

From Gulliver’s Travels


21. Cooper Station

From Interstellar

The place where time and space come together beautifully. Cooper meets life again here. And the farm which was his home on Earth was also found by him there.


22. Pemberly

From Pride and Prejudice

We know what a gentleman Darcy was. He played a gracious host to Elizabeth and her uncle and aunt when they come calling. It would be great to pay a visit to his estate.


23. Godric’s Hollow

From the Harry Potter Series

The place where The Chosen One was born. The place where The Dark Lord was defeated by Lily. Lots of emotions are attached with this place. Not just for Harry but for all of the wizarding world.


24. Jurassic Park

From the Jurassic Park Series

A world where dinosaurs come alive. Danger is ever present but so is adventure.

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25. Pokemon World

From Pokemon

I grew up wishing I could have taken a similar journey as Ash’s. ‘Gotta catch ’em all’ is the mantra of life in this land.


26. Capitol

From the Hunger Games

The architecture is top notch. Their sense of fashion is non-pareil. Though they are a highly capitalist lot, there is a lot to look at in the Capitol.


27. Bikini Bottom

From Spongebob Squarepants Series

Spongebob Squarepants lives in a pineapple in the city of Bikini Bottom. The underwater city is beautifully cute.


28. Townsville

From the Powerpuff Girls

The place where Blossoms, Bubbles and Buttercup fight all kinds of monsters and save the day. Mojo Jojo is the cutest villain possible. Wouldn’t you love to pay them a visit?

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29. Toyland

From Noddy

The place which is home to all the good toys in the world. It is one thing owning a lot of toys. It would be amazing to visit a city of toys and be driven around by Noddy in his red and yellow taxi.


30. Central Perk

From F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The service here is lousy. And the best seats are always taken. But by a group of people you would love to meet!


31. Dragonstone

From the Game of Thrones Series

The castle is so majestic that people find it hard to believe that it was not constructed magically. The prominence of dragon motifs makes the castle beautiful.


32. Quahog

From Family Guy

The place the Griffins live in, Quahog is inspired by the place the creator MacFarlane lived in, earlier in life. Any fan would die to go visit them here.


33. The Wood Between The Worlds

From The Chronicles of Narnia

The place Polly and Digory reach by using their stupid uncle’s magical rings, is the gateway to many different worlds. Imagine, not just Charn and Narnia, but countless worlds to be explored!

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34. Springfield

From The Simpsons

The Simpsons are perhaps one of the most loved families. They live in Springfield where their story unfolds through the sitcom. It would be amazing to meet Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and all the others!


All these places hold a special place in our hearts. Where would you like to go?