Life is incomplete without friends. And needless to say, absolutely pointless without our BFFs by our side. But no great friendship has been spared of quarrels and fights. A series of fun and fights is what an unbreakable bond of friendship is built on. Some fights are extremely essential and in fact are sometimes the best things to have happened to us. Here are 15 fights that will actually bring you closer to your BFF:

1. When she asks you to pull yourself together but you simply can’t/ don’t want to.

Some days are difficult. And having someone pestering you to get your shit right is simply annoying.

2. When you fight over who called dibs first on that cute guy.

Game on!

3. When she warns you about the jerk you’re into.

And somehow she’s always right!

4. When she asks you to stop sulking over your ex.

Sometimes she gets insensitive but it’s for your best.

5. When the two of you drunk-fight.

A doze of this has set many things straight for the two of you.

6. When she disagrees with you on something you’re adamant about.

Why the hell won’t she get it!

7. When you quarrel because you shouldn’t have said what you just did.

Unintentionally of course, you tend to say things you don’t mean. An emotional reconciliation follows.

8. When she stops you from taking another drink/smoke because you’re wasted.

Otherwise you’d end up doing something reckless. Something she knows you’ll regret the next day.

9. When she sides with your boyfriend!

Dhoka! But at least you’re glad they get along.

10. When she’s mad at you for violating the ‘chicks before dicks’ code.

In the back of your head, you too know how wrong you are. But ladka zaruri hai.

11. When she’s correcting your stupidity but you’re overreacting.

Ego, ego!

12. When both of you want to wear the same T-shirt to the gig.

13. When she tells you you’re growing fat.

Reality checks hurt!

14. When some of your clothes give her an attack and she bluntly lets you know.

My clothes, my choice!

15. When she lashes out at you for no reason.

You fight because what the hell? She can’t just scream at you out of the blue. But then, you understand your friend too well to let this go.

Some fights can really bring us down. But when it comes to our BFFs, no fight is too big or too nasty that we cannot sort out and get over. There’s a reason they’re our BFF after all!