Clothes maketh a man.

Nobody knows that better than celebrities. These famous foreign celebs are known for their dressing sense. Looks like they all agree that a touch of Indian style can do a lot!

So, here are some of our favorite firangi celebs who rocked the Indian look:

1. Remember when Pamela Anderson came to Bigg Boss and rocked Indian outfits so well?

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2. And when Jessica Alba pulled off this look so confidently.

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3. Angelina Jolie in a pink saree for a photoshoot dazzled the Indian look.

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4. Looks like Anna Kournikova isn't good at only tennis. She pulled off this blue saree effortlessly!

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5. Remember the Indian theme dress wedding in Rachel Gets Married? Anne Hathaway's saree look with a simple bun looked effortlessly beautiful!

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6. And Ashley Judd wore this purple saree to an Aids Benefit Gala. Graceful, no?

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7. Britney Spears donned this Indian inspired outfit like nobody else could have.

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8. Cameron Diaz's dazzling smile with this black saree is just perfect for a classic Indian look.

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9. Remember Snoop Dogg in the song from movie Singh is King? He doles off this look pretty well.

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10. And this saree look isn't bad, is it? Well tried Daniela Lavender!

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11. This ethnic Indian look on Devon Aoki is just too amazing to be missed. Her accessories are bang on!

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12. Gisele Bundchen is one of the world's top models and pulled off a saree too well, except did she miss the top? Nobody knows.

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13. Forgot Halle Berry's look from Cloud Atlas? Take a look here. She pulls off this red saree like she is a pro at it.

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14. And here's one we are sure you haven't seen before. Yes, Helen Mirren in a saree and that smile. What do you think?

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15. Julia Roberts, just being the pretty woman she is.

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16. And when The Ugly Truth star Katherine Heigl draped a beautiful pink saree. Kudos to her!

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17. When Tarun Tahiliani worked magic on Lady Gaga. Doesn't she look perfect?

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18. Straight from the wedding of Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar. This pink dress and those accessories made her look like a perfect Indian bride!

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19. This hot-pink saree and messy hair on Eva Mendez give her a great desi look. No?

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20. Looks like pink is a favorite among firangi celebs. Is it Liz Hurley or the pink saree which makes this look so feminine?

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21. Out of everyone, Madonna in a dark blue saree. Not bad, eh? Let it flow, darling!

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22. And when British supermodel Naomi Campbell gave it a shot.

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23. And here is Naomi Watts in a simple cotton suit for an on-the-go-look.

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24. Sir Ben Kingsley sported this turban look for his film Learning To Drive.

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25. Oprah during her trip to India. We all know Aishwarya helped her but hey, job well done!

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26. Paris Hilton adds oomph to 9 yards.

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27. Selena Gomez tried and it's not that bad. A saree only needs a smile to go with it.

Source: indiatoday

28. Our favorite Shakira during one of her shows wore this Indian inspired dress and that maang-tika to go with it. Isn't she perfect?

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29. Looks like someone mastered the art of doing it right. Victoria Beckham draped this fully loaded red saree for a photo shoot for Vogue.

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30. Remember this from Bigg Boss? Pamela Anderson can pull off anything, be it a blue lehenga or bikini

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31. Dita Von Teese is tease in this net sari.

32. Here's one for all the ladies to go crazy on. Isn't Ashton Kutcher just too adorable?

Source: Eonline

33. This is from 1968 when The Beatles visited India. Noticed the kurta-pajama and how they rocked it?

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34. When Led Zeppelin lead singer, Robert Plant wore his outfit with an Indian tadka to one of his performances.

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35. Here is Nicole Scherzinger doing a saree like it should be done. Take tips, girls.

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36. And this was when the Pussycat Dolls walked the red carpet for an event. Revamped version of sarees, but still sarees, right?

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Indian clothes shopping anyone?