Ah, the first day of college! A day of hope, with the promise of starting afresh for some, and a day tinged with dread and “hope-I-don’t-get-ragged” for others. Whatever your feelings about this momentous occasion, there are a few people you’re bound to meet. And no, I’m not talking about those seniors who rag you. I’m talking about:

1. The Sports Quota Guy

He’ll be in every team and he’ll play every sport. During a sports’ fest, he’ll be the one holding the fort.

2. The College’s Universal “Bhai”

The moment this person enters the college campus, he makes friends with EVERYONE, bar none. From one group to another, he trots as the universal buddy, bhai, and boss.

3. The Socially Awkward Kid

Far away from the crowd, he (or she) stands alone. The poor thing interacts with only one thing, a phone.

4. The Padhaku Baccha, A.K.A, The Teacher’s Pet

This person will be seen sitting on the first bench, ferociously taking notes. Generally a gregarious animal, padhku-intelligentus get fiercely aggressive when asked for notes.

5. The Professional Bunker

This person is never seen in class. Because clearly the bunker has better things to do, like chilling in the canteen and having a blast!

6. The Gaayak

He’s the guy who comes to college with a guitar slung on his back. The guy breaks into song at every opportunity, both appropriate and inappropriate.

7. The Chaep. Yeah, Not “cheap.” Chaep

When this person is not mooching off other people and begging for notes, he can usually be seen ogling at girls and being his magnificently creepy self.

8. The Firang

The exotic accent makes this kid stand out from the crowd. He/she will say that they have just returned from Canada or the U.S, but don’t you believe a word.

Source: NDTV

9. The Rich Spoilt Kid

This kid comes to college in a big car. He’s usually the first one to go to a bar. Richie Rich won’t care much about grades because his father is minting money in business and trades! And maybe smuggling. Who knows?

10. The Ms. Goodie Two Shoes

She’s like the nerds but friendlier. She’s a hardcore fan of romantic Bollywood movies and everything else that’s cheesy! Usually has a heart of gold.

11. The Girl who Wears Heels To College

I shall let this gif speak for me.

12. The Protester. Krantikari. Very Krantikari

These people like to exercise their right to protest against injustice. Both real and perceived. But while they usually have genuine intentions, they sometimes get carried away with protests and politics and become a nuisance.

13. The Gunda!

If you are ever in trouble, then he’s your go-to man. Also, he could be the reason why you’re in trouble in the first place. Either way, the dude spends more time picking random fights than figuring out what to do with his life.

14. The Playboy

Or girl. They are likes bees, happily buzzing from one flower to another.

15. The Gymer

You may think that he’s super strong but my friend, you will proved very wrong. The only thing he’s good at is flexing and bench pressing.

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