Your first time is always special. Your first kiss, your first interview, and your first job. Well, this article is all about the things you learn and experience when you embark on that new, exciting (and slightly stressful) journey when you find gainful (hopefully) employment somewhere. This is what happens when you start working for the first time.

1. You finally start feeling like an adult.

Suddenly, there’s a whole new world for you to explore. Intern-ships and work placements are great, but the real deal is the real deal. You are now officially a grown up.

2. You’re enthusiastic to the point of exhaustion.

You always reach office on time, don’t mind late nights and you’re always brimming with energy. And by the time you reach home, you’re like,

3 . You felt super important the first time you were asked to attend a meeting.

The first time you are asked to be a part of a “meeting,” you feel like you just crossed some invisible barrier on the way to corporate super-stardom. “I am not just an employee any more. I’m an employee that attends… MEETINGS!”

4. You learn what it means to be a “professional.”

You meet a lot of different people when you start working. Usually, most of them are nice people. But sometimes, life gives you lemons. And those lemons come in the form of people you won’t really like. Sometimes, you won;t be able to stand them. But your first job will teach you that you don’t have to like someone to work well with them. You just need to put your ego behind you and be “professional.”

5. You understand the true meaning of ‘attendance’ and ‘deadlines.’

Work is not like school or college. No more mass bunks or summer vacations. You realise that you are here to perform and work. And for that you sometimes have to push yourself more than you thought you ever could.  But in the end, you come out a stronger person.

6. You see yourself as a responsible person and so do your parents.

The kid who couldn’t keep track of his/her classes is now managing three clients and taking care of things at home. “Mera beta bada ho gaya hai…”

7. That amazing feeling when you get your first pay cheque…

When you hold your first cheque, you feel as if you own the world. It’s a bitter-sweet moment. You don’t have to think twice before spending this money but its just that.. For the first time in your life, it is YOUR money.

8. You get used to honest, often brutal feedback from people.

Sometimes, bosses can be harsh. Like, really harsh. It’s tough to keep your composure when you’re getting it from your boss, but hey, that’s life!

9. You learn to deal with real life decisions and consequences.

You learn to deal with people you don’t get along with but have to work with anyway. You learn to deal with work pressures. You learn to balance your personal as well as professional life. And most importantly, you learn to deal with the consequences of all your choices, be they good or bad.

10. Little things at work start giving you joy.

A little appreciation is what you look for.

Your Boss: Can I have a pen?

You: Here, sir.

Your Boss: Thank you. Nice pen.

Your Mind: *OMG, He said something nice about my pen!*

11. You get “just a bit” more serious.

Serious doesn’t mean boring. Serious means a bit more sorted about the things you like, the things you don’t like and what you want to be doing with whatever free time you have.

12. At last, you understand why everyone is so crazy about the weekend.

Now that you’ve started slogging it at work and started going through the daily grind, you barely have time to unwind and relax. Except when you go crazy partying on the weekend. And that’s when you go, “Oh… So this is what it was all about.”