We would all like to be fit. We would all like to have six pack abs and a well-toned body but some of us find it more difficult to stick to that lifestyle than others. For fitness freaks, hitting the gym or getting exercise is the be all and end all of every single conversation.

Here are 10 signs you’re friends with a fitness freak!

1. Whenever you’re about to enjoy a burger or pizza, they show up with an apple and comment about the amount of calories you are consuming.

2. They love putting up gym selfies with captions like ‘healthy body is a healthy mind’ and other cliched statements.

3. When you’re rushing to office by taking the lift, the fitness freak will stop you and advise you to take the stairs more often.

4. Every now and then they’ll come extremely close to you and request you to feel their biceps, triceps or abs.

5. Sometimes in the middle of a conversation they start doing squats and push ups and even go to the extent of asking you to join in.

6. There are days when they show up with a large box of protein shake and display it for the entire world to see.

7. If there’s a page on Facebook that’s even remotely related to fitness then you can be damn sure they’ll like it.

8. They keep whatsapping you inspirational gym quotes and photos of fitness models making you feel all depressed about your body.

9. They ask you every alternate day if you want their workout schedule or their diet plan.

10. They keep you updated on the amount of weights they lift at their gym as if your sleep depends on that information.