Source: deccanchronicle In this scorching summer, who wouldn't want a refreshing mango treat? Going ahead with the considerate thought, Flipkart sent a package containing two juicy mangoes to Chiluveri Srucharan, a resident of Jagtial in Telangana, in place of his order of a smartphone on June 8.

Mr Srucharan placed an order for an Asus Zenphone 5 worth Rs 8,099 during the Flipkart mega sale on May 26. But he didn't have the slightest idea that within 10 days of placing an order, his phone would take the form of mangoes.

Surprised by the major faux pas on the part of the e-commerce website, Mr Srucharan brought the issue to the notice of the customer service team of Flipkart. Seeking either the mobile phone he had originally ordered or a refund on his order number OD002947033911410000, he was assured of a refund within 24 hours by the website.

For representation purpose, Source: metrobrokers However, his troubles did not end there as Flipkart didn't make the refund but promised him the original product instead. When the original product didn't turn up either, Mr Srucharan reached out to Flipkart yet again where he was told "We would like to inform you that your recent replacement order has been cancelled as we have noticed an unwarranted return, which do not comply with our Returns Policy.”

Aggrieved by the poor customer service of the website, Mr Srucharan said "I have been getting varied answers whenever I complain about the wrong delivery. In a mail sent by representatives of the e-commerce company, they even threatened to block my order if I took this issue to the social media. I am planning to take help of a consumer forum if this problem is not addressed soon”.

Seems like a case of sour mangoes for Flipkart!