Humans have eventually figured out the tediousness of typing out full words or sentences (re: LOL, ROFL, TMTH, TMI). And since emojis entered everyone’s lives, which also seems like an eternity now, words have almost become redundant. Because pictures speak a thousand words, remember? In this case, emojis.

So, well, there is another app to make life a tad bit more easy known as Flirtmoji . What it does is help you sext without interruption and most importantly, without words. Why go into the details, when you can show them, right?


And it appears to be diversely sound too.


All you have to do it tap the emoji you want to use and copy it in your messenger. The app has been created by Katy McCarthy and Jeremy Yingling, as mentioned by Vagabomb .

Well, let’s just hope that the recipient understands the message.