If I had a Rupee for the number of times I’ve heard people say “money can’t buy happiness”, I’d be rich. Which would most definitely make me happy, and give me money to buy all the things that potentially add to that happiness, and get broke in the process and be sad all over again. Alternately, you could just avoid the entire situation by starting off with this list and choosing to be happy for free!

1. A tight hug from your best friend.

2. Free wifi.

4. When your favourite song comes on the radio.

6. Maa ke haath ka khana.

7. When you find something you thought you had lost.

9. Laughing uncontrollably over stupid things with your best friends.

10. A long walk in pleasant weather.

12. When your deadline gets extended.

14. When you get long weekends thanks to well timed national holidays.

16. When Domino’s takes thirty five minutes to deliver.

17. When your favourite movies air on T.V.

19. When your parents tell you that they’re proud of you.

21.When you have the right comeback at the right time.

23. When you finally get appreciated for all your work.

25. Helping someone in times of need.

27. A surprise visit from a loved one.

28. When you get a freebie with your meal at the restaurant.

30. When your partner knows what you want, even before you say it.

31. When customer care actually acts fast and solves your problem.

33. Getting a seat in the bus/metro.

35. A good hair day.

37. When you thought you were broke, but you find a Rs. 100 note in your pocket.

39. When a boring lecture gets cancelled.

So what’s your happiness fix?