Quitting your job to follow your dreams is easier said than done. In fact, it’s probably the hardest thing to do. Think about it, you’re talking about changing the way you live and making a whole lot of sacrifices just to bring your dreams to fruition. But all said and done, following your passion will easily be the most fulfilling thing you’ve ever done.

Here are ten reasons why you should take that great leap:

1. You’ll be doing something that you truly love.

Popular opinion might point to the contrary, but money isn’t everything. Nothing beats the sense of fulfillment and happiness that you get from waking up every morning knowing you’re doing EXACTLY what you want to. It’s the passion that drives you.


2. You’ll be in control of your life.

Granted, all the responsibility of making sure everything is running smoothly will fall squarely on your shoulders. But that’s the beauty of it. You’ll have more freedom than ever. Say goodbye to company policies, restrictions and practices.


3. Because regret is a terrible thing to live with.

Regret is not a good thing at all. That gnawing sense of ‘what if’ is too heavy a burden to carry around your whole life. Give your dream a chance. You never know when it will take flight.


4. After all, l ife doesn’t come with a handbook.

There are no ready made rules to life. We just try to do our best and learn as we grow. Nowhere does it say that there’s a particular route we’re supposed to follow. So why should we do what everyone else is doing, especially if we don’t want to?


5. Because you will want to prove the naysayers wrong.

Yeah, you know those people. The ones who tell you to give up before you’ve even started. The ones who tell you it’s impossible. That’s a good thing. Like they say, ‘if people don’t laugh at your dreams, your dreams aren’t big enough’ .


6. Because dreamers are doers.

P eople who dream are the ones who seek to change the world. They’re the ones who see something that’s not working and try to fix it or do something better. Everything around you was created by someone who dreamed of it in the first place. So, are you a person who sits around wishing things would change, or someone who gets up and does something about it?


7. And once you begin you will realize you can do incredible things.

Once you start, you’ll surprise even yourself. They say it takes the biggest challenges to bring the best out of us. And what’s bigger than quitting everything to start afresh?


8. Because you’ll be blazing a path for someone else.

We all have our idols. They’re the people we look up to for inspiration. But why stick to narrating their stories. Make your life a story for the ages. Follow your dreams and inspire others around you.


9. Because if you don’t follow your dreams, you’ll spend all your life building someone else’s.

And that is the truth of it all. Someone’s dream has to come true. Why don’t you make it yours?


10. Because you only live once.

It’s your life and it’s time to start living it under your terms. Take the plunge.


It’s time to stop thinking about what could be and saying “What if?” It’s time to “Dream with your eyes open.” Let Ronnie Screwvala show you how.

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