All of us are caught in the web of a fast-paced life where we try to keep up a healthy lifestyle. We stick to diet plans and religiously follow all the advice that pours in from different sectors. However, we absolutely trust some ‘golden rules’. And you’ll be surprised to know how many of them are absolutely no good.  This wonderful article appeared in Huffington Post which talks about some of them :

1. Golgappas made from sooji are healthy

Not exactly . Sooji is nothing but granular form of maida . Hence, the calorific value of dishes made of sooji are no less than that made of maida . So, the next time you find yourself opting for golgappas , thinking its a low calory snack, watch out! Opt for fruit chaat instead.


2. Cooking with virgin olive oil is a bad idea

Heating any kind of fat to higher temperatures, tends to rob it of its nutrients. Extra virgin olive oil is highly stable though.

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3. Honey is sweeter than sugar because it has fewer calories

Yes, honey is a natural sweetener which makes it beneficial for you. But it does not help you cut down on calories. In fact a spoon of honey has more calories than a spoon of white sugar.

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4. Consuming desi ghee can give you cholesterol problems

In fact, the ingredient which Indian recipes swear by, is rich in components found in olive oil. It is healthier than sunflower and other vegetable oils. Then of course, moderation is the key to accommodating fattening agents in your diet.

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5. Apples and Bananas are rich sources of iron

Though they are rich in fibre, they are definitely not good sources of iron. And contrary to popular belief, they don’t turn brown because of the presence of iron.

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6. Eggs should be avoided because of their high cholesterol levels

Though eggs are rich in cholesterol, the dietary cholesterol is good for you according to research. It does not affect the triglyceride levels. Eating an egg daily is in fact highly advisable.

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7. One should avoid sugar in order to keep diabetes at bay

Though avoiding food laced with sugar is advisable to knock-out calories, one needs t maintain an over-all healthy lifestyle and diet to ditch diabetes. It is not enough to avoid sugar.


8. Consumption of nuts increases cholesterol levels

On the contrary, intake of nuts can help you decrease cholesterol and also fight obesity. Not just this, a healthy inclusion of nuts in your diet can help in the prevention of several diseases.

So eat them nuts and eggs and try to keep as far from honey as possible.