WARNING: Do not look at these GIFs if you are hungry, haven’t had your lunch, don’t have your wallet on you, can’t afford to take a food break, can’t stand the temptation of good food staring you in the face, don’t want to break your diet, don’t love eating food, are stranded on a deserted island with no hope of great food within the next five minutes, or can’t stand the sight of mouthwatering delicious food for any other reason.

You have been warned. Do not look!

Let’s start with some snacks.

You know, simple harmless french fries?

Some fried rice?

I’m sure you can get them at a shop nearby.

You can’t have that without chicken, can you?

Oh, you’re a vegetarian! Here, have some rajma-chawal.

Vegetarians have a lot of options too, you know?

You could try paav-bhaji.

Or maggi

Or a grilled cheese sandwich!


Now that we have taken the junk route, here’s a pizza.

You like it, don’t you?

Are you into healthy food?

Here, take a salad.

Or pancakes. Hey! Fruits and honey are good for you.

Not sweet enough for you?

We have your back.

Okay, that was a little too hardcore, wasn’t it? Relax.

Have a coffee.

With a cookie.

Mmmmm. Chocolate.

You remember that time when you gorged on a pudding?

And that beautiful cupcake?

I digress. Here’s a macaroon.

I’m sorry, that was a little too cruel. Go on, have an ice cream. Feel better. Happy eating, you guys!

Feature image by Rosanne Gold