Relationships are tricky but they get trickier when you’re with someone who eats, breathes and sleeps football. Your partner’s football obsession becomes a part of everything right from your anniversary to even a simple candle light dinner. Here are 14 things that happen to you if you end up dating a football crazy guy.

1. Every argument ends with a football analogy. “If you want to take this relationship into extra-time… ”, “Congrats honey, we’ve completed 3 seasons together”

2. You’re always second in the best things that happened to him this year. Right between the FA Cup victory and his favourite player joining the club.

3. Instead of chicks with long, sexy legs, he checks out a field full of shorts-clad hairy-legged men.

4. He talks more about a guy’s calf muscles than a woman’s assets.

5. He compares your curves to a football without even trying to offend you. And you better take is as a compliment!

6. You know the names of all the players of his favourite club. And dare you forget any!

7. You start doubting your relationship status once the EPL season kicks off!

8. You start referring to office lunch breaks and movie intermissions as half time.

9. To prove his love, he agrees to miss his club’s match & expects you to understand the sacrifice!

10. You sometimes doubt his sexuality when he talks about his FFF (Favorite Footballer Friend)

11. You’re not worried about catching him with other women. What you’re scared of is turning up at his place at night and catching him with 10 other guys glued in front of the TV.

12. Instead of sexy lingerie, he gifts you boxers with his favourite club’s logo on it.

13. It is never wine and dinner with him. It is always beer and scoring in the last few minutes.

14. And finally you can feel a lot better knowing he won’t ever cheat on you.

Because between you and his favorite club, he would never have the time for another woman.