India is a hugely popular destination for tourists from all over the world. But no matter where they’re from, there are some things they do which we can’t help notice. We’re not judging them; we probably behave the same way when we visit their countries. At the end of the day, we’re happy as long as they leave with a rich and fulfilling experience.

These are some of the few things international travelers do when they’re here.

1. It’s nice to see them haggle just like we do but sometimes they don’t know when to stop.

2. Their Hindi might not be perfect but at least they try to have a go at it, which is a really sweet gesture.

3. When it comes to the number of times one can say namaste , they beat us hands down.

4. To soak in the best desi experience, they often try out Indian clothes.

5. And there’s always that one guy in hippie mode ALL THE TIME.

6. They usually have an ‘OMG!’ reaction to most things they experience in this country.

7. Whether its our colourful rickshaws or cows on the road, they go *click click* at almost anything.

8. And this includes clicking photos of beggars or homeless people on the streets.

9. They even pose graciously when some of us try to get photos clicked with them. Unlike this lady here.

10. They are overwhelmed by how rich they suddenly are when they discover the exchange rates.

11. Even though most of them can afford AC cabs or car rentals, they soak in the total desi experience by hopping onto autos and buses just like most of us.

12. They walk into Indian restaurants like kings but once they get a dose of our spice, they come out red faced.

13. Despite trying their best to blend in, they often stand out from the rest thanks to those thick maps and travel guides they’re always seen carrying.

14. And yes, how can we forget? They never leave the hotel without their bottle of mineral water. Not that we judge them; it’s good to be safe.

Feature image source – Blogs.WSJ