America is the land of dreams and thousands flock to the country every year. Obviously the exodus happens for more reasons than one. Well-paying jobs, rewarding careers, high standards of living – you name it and Uncle Sam has it all on a platter. America is way ahead of India in the true sense of the word. And clearly there are a lot of things which they can do that we cannot/don’t.

NOTE: Make no mistake, this is NOT an attempt to diss India. I love and respect my country. And there are many areas where India is a lot better than America.

Here are a few such things. Read and reflect.

1. Not giving a damn about PDA

“Oh teri! Woh dekh wahan kya ho raha hai.”

2. Greeting strangers

What a creep. I don’t even know him.

3. Holding the door open for others

4. Thanking the waiter, the autowala , the plumber et al

5. No impatient honking

Move it, move it.

6. Staying unmarried

“28 ki ho gayi hai. Shaadi waadi nahi karni?”

7. Following escalator etiquette

Seriously? We are supposed to stand in line?

Source: Quora

8. Giving a friendly hug to friends of the opposite sex

Arrey… S he’s just a friend.

9. Throwing trash INTO the dustbin

Aim and throw. Missed it? No worries.

Source: Blogspot

10. Talking to children about sex

He probably knows it already. Chuck it.

11. Complying with zebra crossing rules

Source: Picphotos

12. Not judging someone based on profession

13. Minding your own business

14. Following your passion

15. Giving way to the ambulance/fire brigade

Source: Tumblr

16. Marrying for love

Without the hassles of caste, colour, age, creed and sometimes even gender!

Source: Desumama

17. Quitting your job just for that road trip

18. Not staring at women/foreigners

19. Allowing boys in school to grow long hair

20. Not being judgemental about LGBTs

Source: Imgkid

21. Following basic movie-hall etiquettes

The point I am trying to make is that India can be a lot better if we take some cue from the West and adopt these qualities. Think about it.

This article was inspired by a post on Quora .