All of us love to sleep. It’s one of life’s little pleasures. But some of us love to sleep more than the rest of us. In fact, we always want to sleep. Even when we just wake up after a good night’s sleep, we want to go back to sleep. Let’s face it, we’re addicted to sleeping. Here are 18 things you go through if you’re addicted to sleeping:

1. The worst thing about the morning is having to wake up!

2. You can never hear your alarm!

How can you hear an alarm when you can even sleep through an earthquake?

3. Even if you wake up, coaxing yourself out of bed is the toughest thing on earth.

4. You need your morning coffee/tea.

Without that, you’re like the walking dead!

5. But very often, even caffeine doesn’t help.

6. You always feel tired and out of energy.

7. Which means you’re almost always moody and cranky.

8. After a good lunch, all you want is a bed, a pillow and a blanket.

But you’re not that picky. You’ll even sleep at your desk.

9. At any time of the day, if you have nothing to do, you doze off.

10. You never know what happens at the end of a movie because you sleep off midway.

11. You’re always late.

Whether it is showing up early in the morning, arriving on time for a movie or meeting someone later in the evening, you’re always late. Because you overslept!

12. And because of that people are always pissed off with you.

13. You have even fallen asleep while talking on the phone.

14. Socialising is a struggle.

Who wants to go out when you’d rather stay home and sleep?

15. People staying over is a pain.

Because when people come over, you are expected to stay up later than them.

16. By evening, the only thing on your mind is to get back to bed.

17. You don’t even know how your weekends finish.

All you do on Saturday and Sunday is sleep. And before you realize, it’s Monday morning.

18. You miss breakfast and dinner regularly.

Because you wake up really late in the morning or sleep off really early in the evening.

If you’re really addicted to sleeping, you’ll probably not be reading this part, because you must’ve dozed off after point no. 9…